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Cloud Desktop How is it suitable for you and your organization?

Cloud Desktop (virtual computer / Cloud computer) that can be used same as normal PC with Windows OS on Cloud. It can be connected via Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet device, etc anytime from anywhere as you have Internet connection. Easy to manage security policy of your organization, reducing costs, ready to help users immediately when there is a problem 24 hours a day in the data center that maintains the information security according to the international standard ISO 27001.

Safe Organization

With Cloud Desktop, employees don't have to come to your office to access their PCs and internal systems of your organization. Reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by coming to office everyday. Build your continuous business model with remote standard work.

Strengthen Cybersecurity

Organizations can set security policies on Cloud Desktop, such as prohibiting the use of movie viewing programs. Or do not play games to reduce the risk of being hacked by bad actors and increase work efficiency to the maximum

Connect to work systems within the organization.

Cloud Desktop can connect to any internal organization system. If your organization has internal systems such as Active Directory or Email Server and can also create new internal systems as well.

Available anytime, anywhere, on any device.์

Access Cloud Desktop anywhere, 24 hours a day via the Internet from any device that supports Remote Desktop Protocol, basic program setup at no additional cost.

Core features of Cloud Desktop

Special! Cloud Desktop with Virtual Server
and basic programs for corporate management.
All of this starts at just 240,000MMK / Month.


  • Remote Desktop x3
  • Active Directory x1 (CPU 2, RAM 2GB, SSD 50GB, Windows Server OS)
  • Internal Server x4 (CPU 2, RAM 2GB, SSD 50GB, Linux OS)

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