• All High-Speed SSD


    *1GB Plan

    Cloud is an Internet-based computing. Hardware and software can be delivered via Internet. With Cloud, you can scale and control capacity freely, optimize resources, and reduce total cost of web development.

    • Ultra Fast SSD Storage
      (TWICE the speed of HDD!)
    • 24/7 Telephone Support
    • Deploy in 25 Seconds
    • NO Setup Fees on ALL plans
    • Multi-Region Datacenters (Tokyo,U.S.,Singapore)
  • Hi-Speed
    Optimal Platform

    Z.com offers High-Speed SSD for all drives. It is more than TWICE the speed of HDD!

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  • Flexible, Free, Scalable

    Don't have to worry. Our flexible and scalable Cloud handles a sudden surge of web traffic.

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  • High-Efficient
    Control Panel

    DB and mail server can be setup with one-click. It is intuitive enough for non-technical users.

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  • Get Started with
    Z.com Cloud!

    Learn how to start using Z.com Cloud from here. You can sign up an account for free!

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Cloud to Offer Solutions to the Hosting Problems

  • Cloud Solution 1 "Shared/Single Server"

    • Looking to reduce the cost of shared/single server
    • Looking to quickly and easily scale up or scale down
    • Looking to retire old systems and move to Cloud
  • Cloud Solution 2 "Web Management"

    • Looking to avoid server downtime during busy periods
    • Looking to avoid access limitation or system failures
    • Looking for stable management tool at minimal cost
  • Cloud Solution 3 "Storage"

    • Looking to store large data for long periods
    • Looking to manage large data at minimal cost
    • Storage is slow. Looking for faster storage
  • Cloud Solution 4 "App/Game Development"

    • Looking to handle traffic surge more quickly
    • Looking to monitize with minimal management cost
    • looking to change specs scaling a business for growth


  • MMK12,000/mo


    • RAM / 1GB
    • CPU / 2Core
    • Hi-Speed SSD / 50GB
    • Free 2TB Data Transfer
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  • MMK22,000/mo


    • RAM / 2GB
    • CPU / 3Core
    • Hi-Speed SSD / 50GB
    • Free 3TB Data Transfer
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  • MMK39,000/mo


    • RAM / 4GB
    • CPU / 4Core
    • Hi-Speed SSD / 50GB
    • Free 4TB Data Transfer
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  • MMK80,000/mo


    • RAM / 8GB
    • CPU / 6Core
    • Hi-Speed SSD / 50GB
    • Free 5TB Data Transfer
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We, GMO Internet Group has deployed


We aim to provide the world's highest quality services.

Z.com Cloud vs AWS vs GCP*1

In order for users to become comfortable developing their project,
Z.com Cloud offers affordable price range from MMK12,000/mo,
and easy-touse intuitive control panel.

Z.com Cloud AWS Google Cloud Platform
Monthly Cost*2 MMK12,000 MMK140,000 MMK285,000
SSD All Plans
(No additional fee required)
Expensive Plans Only Expensive Plans Only
Data Transfer Fee Free Till Certain Amount Paid Paid
Control Panel Domain, SSL Certificate, Shared server, and WordPress server can be registered and managed at the same control panel. Domain can be registered and managed at the same control panel. Domain can be registered and managed at the same control panel.
Telephone Support Free MMK64,000/mo MMK524,000/mo
Achievement It is established in 1996. As a hosting specialist for 20 years, over 750,000 server has been deployed by its group. Statistics shows that it is Japan's #1 hosting and domain provider. It is established in July 2006 as new business of Amazon.com. It is established in April 2008 as new business of Google.
  • *1 The information is as of December 2015.
  • *2 Under the same condition as Z.com's cheapest plan(all SSD, 50GB, data transfer 2TB free). Campaign is not included.


Z.com Cloud support the business in its continued overseas expansion. Choose the most convenient datacenter for you from Japan(Tokyo), The United States(San Jose), or Singapore.