High-Performance SSD Cloud Servers
PHP 498/mo
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • No Initial Cost
  • Easy/Quick Setup

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No initial fees, fixed rates from PHP 498/month
PHP 498 /mo
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PHP 965 /mo
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PHP 1,888 /mo
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PHP 27,344 /mo
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CPU 2 core 3 core 4 core 24 core
High-speed SSD 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Initial Cost None None None None
Minimum Usage Period None None None None
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Suitable For Professionals and Beginners
  • Use right away
    Getting started with VPS is very easy. You can use it immediately right after thr registration.

  • Fixed rates from PHP 498/month.
    Enjoy a fixed rate from PHP 498/month, and no additional charges for data transfer.

  • Flexible Expansion of your VPS
    Expand your VPS easily to deal with sudden traffic in just a few clicks.

Registration Process
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Configuration Sample
Achieve Your Ideal Configuration With Our Flexible Options
Minimum Configuration
from PHP 498/month

You can start with the minimum configuration at PHP 498/month. Ideal for installing WordPress and creating a blog from an application image.

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Load Diversification

The recommended configuration for load diversification is to have one unit as a test environment, and two units as live environments. Your server can be expanded within 30 seconds to meet sudden traffic if operating under this configuration.

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Minimum Configuration
from PHP 498/month

The recommended configuration for a web server is to have a minimum of 2 units. Large numbers of images and videos can be displayed on sites run by the load diversification configuration on the DB server.

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Functions Reference
Fulfilling Your Needs With Various Functions
> OpenStack
> Data Centre
Location Selectable
> No Additional
Charges For Transfer
> Load Balancer
> Automatic Backup
> WordPress
> Scale up
> Scale out