3 Key Reasons to Get Your Own Domain Website as a Business

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 Z.com News, Events, Information

by Izza Glino

Your business, no matter how small or big it may be, deserves its own domain website. Now that we live in the information age getting your business noticed, is the single most important marketing effort you can do.

Get your own domain website now!

Most business owners think that owning a domain for their website is optional. You can be business as usual with or without it. But this post will prove you wrong.

The longer you stay on a free domain, say .blogspot.com and/or .wordpress.com, the more possible customers you lose. For as ruthless as it sounds, the only way you will get good impression nowadays is by getting your own domain website.

Why Get Your Domain Website as a Business?

Any business website should seriously consider having their own domain. A domain name works as your website’s identity on the web. It is the unique letter-combination that appears at the end of any website’s URL like .com, .net, .ph, etc., just like www.yourbusinessname.com.

Domain name registration is essential for any business website for a number of good reasons:

  1. Domains are cheap and easy to register
  2. Domains promote business credibility
  3. Domains make it easier for people to find you

Reason #1. Domains are cheap and easy to register

Right now you can get a domain name for as low as 380php! That’s about a price of two café latte in a fancy coffee shop for a business website with endless of possibilities.

What’s more exciting is that, registering your own domain name only takes 10-15 minutes of your time. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Z.com and find out if your business name is still available. Remember, thousands of domain names are registered on a daily basis so you need to act fast.

If still available proceed with check out. If not try another name combination or different domain name extension instead. READ: Choosing the Proper Domain Name

Step 2. Once you already paid and secured your domain name you can now point it. If your website is hosted, all you have to do is obtain the names of the primary and secondary name servers of your web host.

See if your domain provider has a tutorial for this, mostly found in the Support and Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also contact customer care to guide you on the step by step process in pointing your chosen domain name to your website.

Step 3. If you don’t have a web host you can opt to park your domain name at a temporary website instead.

After successfully registering your domain name you can now continue in building your website’s content. Make sure that you use your new domain name www.yourbusiness.com in sharing your website across your channel!

Choosing a domain name that is relevant to yourself or your website's content adds memorability and credibility to your online presence, and increases your visitors by making it easy for them to find you among the huge number of other websites on the Internet.

Reason #2. Domains promote business credibility

Your website is closely tied to your credibility as a business. People will more likely trust a website with its own domain name rather than one who doesn’t.

Domains help brand your business, increase your presence among your customers and improve the chance that they’ll come back to your website to learn more about your offering.

If you are serious in getting your products and services noticed then you should invest in a good domain name. Your investment would also signal your seriousness as a business owner. This in turn will make your clients trust you more.

Reason #3. Domains make it easier for people to find you

At the end of the day www.yourbusiness.com is way better than www.yourbusiness.blogspot.com. The first one is shorter, simpler and more memorable.

Because your site address is unique and easy to remember, your friends will find it more convenient to promote your business to their own network too.

Your aim as a business owner is make it easier for people to find you. Having your own domain website provides a lasting impression to your potential customers.

Use your own domain name on your branding and marketing materials from calling card, letter head to social media links that will make you look more professional.


Get your own domain website as a business! It is one of the best decision you can effortlessly do for your business today. A domain website serves as your own customized URL to show off you’re your chop. It would mean a lot for you, your business and your clients if you finally claim your own spot on the web!


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