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By: Mark Christopher Lund


Want to upgrade your boring website or simply just want to experiment on a new look?

Whether you’re into blogging, personal portfolio, or online business a great design for your website is necessary if you wish to have more visitors. Even though it is crucial, we must not forget it’s interactivity with users. On top of being aesthetically pleasing, it must also be friendly and easy to use, with that being said I have prepared a list of the top 10 most used WordPress theme as of August 2017.


#10 Twenty Fourteen: FREE



Being the default theme of WordPress in 2014, this theme is designed specifically to cater for the trend at the time, incorporating the three (3) industry trend namely; Responsive Design, Simple Design, and Storytelling Design. With its’ sleek design, it is a perfect fit for creating Magazine style website.

Check it out here: Download


#9 Enfold: $45



For a reasonable price you can easily build your own website in mere minutes with this theme. It offers tons of pre-built demo layout to choose from and if you are feeling creative you can integrate your favorite page builder as most builders are supported by the theme. It has a pretty decent customer support, available for up to 6 months with an option to extend by just adding $12.38 when purchasing, as well and tons of documentation to answer even the most complicated issue you might experience.

Check it out here: Download


#8 Foodie Pro: $75



A child theme of Genesis Framework, it is the most used child theme of it as well. As the theme’s name implies it is perfect for food bloggers, with its’ minimalist and clean design it is no surprise why so many would want to use this template for their website. It can also easily be integrated with woocommerce turning a simple blog into an e-commerce power house. Though the theme is a bit more pricy compared to its’ other competition, it makes up for by offering rich features and sleek design, than can be used even by the most inexperienced of users.

Check it out here: Download


#7 WooFramework: FREE


WooFramework is what runs all woocommerce themes, the parent theme of it so to speak. It consists all standards set up by the woo team, such features like the options panel which allow extensive yet easy-to-use, to most users, for customization.

A list of themes running with WooFramework can be found here.


#6 Twenty Twelve: FREE


Just like how Twenty Fourteen is the default theme of 2014, Twenty Twelve is the default theme of 2012, during the time the need for responsive web template was at an all-time high, being as such this theme was created to answer to that need. You may already know that yes, WordPress has released previous theme that was at most responsive, but Twenty Twelve was the first theme to provide a fully responsive experience. Modeled as a mobile first template it was specifically designed to appear perfectly on iPad-styled screens, able to fluidly adapt on screen size, no matter what dimensions, without breaking.

Check it out here: Download


#5 Twenty Eleven: FREE



Following the trend the WP team has started since 2010, providing a default theme named after the year it is released or the twenty-something, twenty-eleven has a reputation to uphold.


Funnily this theme wasn’t originally named as such, first introduced by the Automatic team under the name “Duster” it has then been updated and configured to be more responsive. The thing that is probably the most amazing about this theme is the introduction of the Theme Options page in the admin panel. It lets you customize the layout, color scheme and the color of your links all in one place.


Check it out here: Download



#4 Avada: $60



As the #1 most downloaded and used premium theme at choosing Avada as your new template would definitely provide a whole new level of experience in the way you design and build you website. Avada is user-friendly and with a simple installation process it could be used out of the box. It also has an extensive documentation being able to solve issues ranging from simple to complex, on top of that they also have superb customer support you can be sure to receive a reply within the hour. Perfect for corporate, business and portfolio types and with a simple installation of woocommerce plug-in it could also be turned into a decent e-commerce template.


Check it out here: Download


#3 Divi: Yearly: $89 | Lifetime: $249


Divi is a product by the ElegantThemes Crew, a company founded in 2008. It is not only a wonderfully designed template, but it is also quite a powerful framework in itself. Unlike most themes and templates, that uses the WordPress backend to setup and customize a theme, Divi utilizes the Front-End of your site making it easier to work, this is done by the use of the Divi builder, an incredibly fast, drag and drop and user friendly front-end editor. With its’ simplicity and unique design it’s no wonder why so many people would love using this, if you are either a UI (User Interface) or a UX (User Experience) Designer this would be a perfect fit for you.

Check it out here: Download


#2 WooCommerce: FREE w/ Limitations



Whoever says WordPress can’t be used as an e -commerce platform clearly haven’t heard of WooCommerce or could just be a huge snob. From the rise of WP from just being a humble blogging platform to one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) it has then evolved even further to try and compete with leading e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and the likes. Originally WooCommerce was just a plugin that can easily be integrated to most WP themes and turn them into e-commerce platforms, but with the realease of the WooThemes, the team behind the plugin has begun to take the e-commerce war seriously. Due to its simplicity almost anyone could easily operate it with ease plus with its’ free exclusive theme, StoreFront, you can create a pretty powerful e-commerce website. The downside with this platform is when additional functions are needed, but it could easily be remedied with premium extensions that are available in the site as well.

Check it out here: Download


#1 Genesis Framework: $59.95



Similar to WooFramework, Genesis is also the core/parent theme, with StudioPress offering the skins or child theme for it. StudioPress has 43 different child theme available for it covering: business, enterprise, magazine, photography, and real-state type of website.


Out of the box, Genesis is a responsive and sleek framework that can be used to build you own theme over, this ability to be customized in an indefinite number of ways is what makes the framework such a hit in the WordPress community. Loved by both web developers and designers alike. The framework also offers unlimited supports and updates. Being arguably the most popular template of all time, Genesis has one of the largest community making it easy for beginner’s to ask for assistance from experienced users.


Check it out here: Download


Did your favorite template/theme made it on the list?

Now that you know the top most used templates for WordPress around the web, why not start getting creative and start customizing your site? Click here to begin and we will help you get started.



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