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Monday February 6th, 2017 Events

Last week, Z.com Philippines had the privilege of supporting a great initiative. HealthHacks PH, a non-profit organization that promotes healthcare innovation, organized its second Hackathon last February 4-5 at the Microsoft Philippines Office in Makati.

What makes the event remarkable is that HealthHacks PH was founded - and 100% organized - by a team of undergrad college students. 

Founded last 2016 by Kyle Tan, a college sophomore student at the University of the Philippines, HealthHacks PH started as a personal advocacy after his father was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer.  It was during this time that the young undergrad saw first-hand the many problems and inefficiencies faced by Filipinos in need of healthcare. Even the most basic functions -  such as collecting medical information from patients - are still operating with archaic systems and processes.

These pain points led to the launch of the HealthHacks PH and its main event, a 24-hour hackathon where participants conceptualize and pitch a new product that solves a particular healthcare issue.

Mentors and Makers

So what exactly happens at a HealthHacks PH hackathon?

Before the students got to build their own solutions, they had the chance to learn from mentors from the medical and start-up fields.  Speakers include Dr. Raymonde Uy, who spoke about Healthcare Informatics, Paolo Joaquino of Integrating Science in the Philippines, who spoke about the fundamentals of Design Thinking, Julian Patdu and Diego Manalstas of Mica PH, Jerome Uy, CEO of MedGrocer, and Dr. Aaron Villaraza, Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry at UP. These speakers also served as mentors for the students as they prepared for their final pitch.

After the talks, it was time for building. The 80 students in attendance were split into 6 teams, each tackling a specific healthcare issue. They were given 24 hours to firm up their ideas and create a business case for it, to ensure that the solutions are not just novel but also adaptable and sustainable. 

Some of the ideas presented were 'Sali', a mobile app that gives users real-time feedback for proper CPR, 'Bestow', a platform for blood donation that connects donors and beneficiaries, and 'ePRX', an app that digitizes prescriptions and sends medicine reminders, and 

After a full day of work and a rapid-fire pitch to the judges, three winners emerged from HealthHacks PH.

Coming in at second place is Team YouthHacks, for their solution, Sali.


HealthHacks winners

HealthHacks PH awards Team Paliparan as winners, for their services delivery solution, Proximed PH

The grand prize went to Team Paliparan, whose product, ProxiMed PH, aims to create a digital system for medical service delivery. Through ProxiMed PH, hospitals and healthcare facilities can share a common database, where they can check the availability of resources such as ambulances and ER beds. ProxiMed aims to shorten the time it takes for patients to access these resources, especially in times of emergencies. 

As HealthHacks’ Technology Partner, Z.com will provide a 1-year domain and web hosting for all three winners, to give them a boost as they potentially launch their ideas online. 

Though only on its second year, what HealthHacks PH offered us was a glimpse into what Healthcare could and should be here in the Philippines. As Dr. Aaron Villaraza said on his closing talk, so much of the country’s economic future depends on the technological innovations sparked by today’s students. It is the spirit of “Creative Destruction,” or the boldness to replace the old in favor of the new, which will decide our country’s fate for generations to come. 


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