Tips To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Tuesday June 27th, 2017 News, Events, Information

By: Mark Christopher Lund


In this day and age of technology we can’t deny the fact that social media now plays an integral part in the success of any venture, that is why being able to fully utilize these tools would, to a degree, affirm the overall eminence of your business. There are many way that you can use these social platforms to your advantage. The following are some of the way to get you started:


Get an Account

Of course, before anything else you have to have your own social media account for your business. It is up to you which to choose from the variety of platforms out there, but the common ones being used by most businesses is Facebook with over a billion users it is not hard to see why, it compromises the largest blend of demography among other social platform. Another great, but less popular platform is twitter. With its’ 145 character or fewer words limit, it is ideal for creating short and witty post, it is also excellent in directly interacting with your client through tagging simply by mentioning their username with an “@” symbol in your post making it a quick way to connect to people across the globe.


You Can Use More Than One

If you wish to be able to cater to a more varied audience creating accounts on other social platforms is the way to go. Having social accounts on more than one platform ensures that you are able to reach out to all audiences no matter what their preference is in terms of social platforms.

Now I know having a lot of platforms will definitely cause some problems especially in terms of managing it, luckily there are online tools you can use to help you post on all of your different accounts, all in one place. Use these tools to schedule your post, publish and even monitor your posts analytics


Know Your Focus

Variety is good, but targeting a specific audience would increase your chances of success by a quite more, this is true due to the fact that setting up a target audience would mean you would be more careful on what you’ll post to make sure that your future clients will have interest in your services or goods. This also reduces issues that may arise if your services or products may not be suitable for all ages or even gender.


Have a Post Schedule

Different social media sites are often used at different times, knowing just when to post well help tremendously in the success of your post reaching its target audience.


Be Consistent

Posting every day is not necessary, but posting frequently is. Depending on your businesses’ popularity, expect that your audience would want an update from your site as often as possible, so creating contents for your site is crucial to keep your audience on coming back for more.


Make a great impression

To be ahead of the game, the contents you create is a matter of importance. Your contents should not only be informative, but it should also be able to capture the interest of your readers. According to street-directory, headlines is the most important part of any piece of writing, for it is here where your audience would conclude if what you wrote would serve any purpose to them. Once you have gained their attention communicate better by adding images and videos if necessary. Adding engagement to your contents is also a great way of building a great impression, one way of doing this is by giving questions at the end of your posts that your readers could reflect on based on the knowledge you have provided.


Always Stick to the Truth

All social media owners want their manage page and site to become well-known one way or another and with the spread of bogus content and news, sometimes it is tempting to jump into the bandwagon just to gather a few clicks into your website. Manipulation of your audience is not only morally, but also ethically wrong. The trust of your audience is an important factor in keeping your business alive, spreading fraudulent posts and contents will shatter this and once the trust is no longer there so is your business.


Always Be Updated

Social media is always changing, what is in today might not be what everyone is using tomorrow. Try to always be ahead of the curve by forming plans and using these changes for the betterment of your business. Reading on blogs and posts about current and future trends in social media is one way to be updated. A good business should be able to adapt with the times, but at the same time keeping its true purpose along with it.


Get Some Extra Hands

Social media marketing is no joke and if you are still new and struggling, getting someone who has more experience and know how on using these social platform can ease your mind and give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Doing so would require doing a little background check on employee’s you would want to hire, taking notes that they should at least have an understanding of your business type and is able to adapt to the culture and customers you are dealing with. They must also be able to properly engage and nurture these customers as your social account would be one of your front-line in your business operations.


Develop an Emergency Plan

Social media is an open platform as such people are often free to say what they want, when they want it. As a business owner, there is little you can do, but having a plan in case that such incidence occur could keep your business from spiraling down when handling these kind of issues. Develop the plan and share it with your staff, if any, so that the proper management of social accounts would be implemented and critical situations could be handled with more care and diligence.

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