What Web Hosting is and What It Can Do for Your Business

Thursday May 25th, 2017 Z.com News, Events, Information

by Izza Glino


One of the first steps in creating a business website is getting a professional web hosting service.

Most business owners overlook this step and proceed to launching their website under free hosting services.

And the main reason for that is the lack of information on what web hosting is and what it can do for your business.

If you want to take your business on to the next level get a reliable web hosting plan now.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to have a space to post a website or web page on the internet. A web hosting service offers plans and packages for an individual or business’ website to be viewed in the internet. With a professional web hosting solution your website will be hosted and stored on one of the web hosting company’s server.

How web hosting works?

To better understand what web hosting can do for your business you need to know first how it really works.

Running a website needs a dedicated computer connected to the internet all the time. All the files, data, images, etc. that you put on your website are served in a proper server for people to access whenever they want.

Web hosting companies provide this for you at a fraction of a price. They have big computers and expensive servers capable of running a thousand and more websites over the internet.

When you buy a hosting plan you are borrowing a space on their computer and server to run your business website. They provide you with an intelligent web tool to manage your site and all the technical support you need to run it seamlessly.

Almost all hosting plan even comes with additional services you, as a business owner, will enjoy.

Your choice of hosting plan will depend but not limited to the following:

  • Storage – The bigger the storage capacity is, the higher the price.
  • Server Type – Specify whether you want a shared server or a dedicated server for your business website.
  • Number of Domains and Sub Domains available – Choose between limited or unlimited number of domains and subdomains you can use to create unique web address for the different pages of your website.

What web hosting can do for your business?

  1. Technical Help

Not all business owners know how website works. With a web hosting solution you’ll be getting a tech-savvy expert to handle any concerns related to your website.

A prompt customer service available 24/7 through phone and email support will let you focus more on the other important matters in growing your business.

It is also best to have access to video tutorials, manual or any easy to read and to understand documentation on how to best manage your business website.

  1. Reliable Servers

Once you go self-host you are saying goodbye in renting WordPress’ server. A good analogy that can explain this is moving from your parents’ house to your own apartment.

While it is convenient to live within your parents’ care, having your own space will give you the freedom you want. You are finally renting a dedicated server to have it all for yourself.

Being self-hosted will also avoid losing your website, constant crashing and/or slow performance in case your free web server had an issue.

It’ll also better secure your business website against cybercriminals, malware and virus that can commonly attack out of the blue.

  1. Control of Your Data

When you avail a hosting plan for your business website, you have total access on what content you publish and how it will be viewed by your target audience. You are not restricted to the number of web pages, photos and other data you can include.

  1. Business Email

Another great benefit of availing a web hosting plan is you’ll have your own business email address.

A personalized email address increases the branding and credibility of your business. You can now send or reply simple business emails with info@yourbusiness.com instead of the usual yourbusinessname@mail.com

Communicating with your potential customers through email is now better and simpler. Web hosting services even include unlimited business email you can distribute to your team.

Imagine having sales@yourbusiness.com and inquiry@yourbusiness.com to further filter managing your business.

  1. Free Features

You are also entitled for a ton of freebies from your web hosting company. Promos like shopping carts for your e-commerce website, free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program, one step installation, smart and easy to use panel or dashboard, discounted upgrades, webinars and tutorials are among the many ways you can position your business in the online community.

Your web hosting service can also cross promote your business in their website or social media and it’s something you should definitely take advantage.

Tips in Choosing the Right Web Hosting Solution for Your Business

  1. Take into consideration the cost of your web hosting plan. Is the price you will be paying reasonable enough? Is the payment option convenient to you?

Z.com offers as low as 383php/month of web hosting service for your business. Start now!

  1. Read customer reviews and familiarize yourself with the views and opinions of the past and present clients. These testimonials will help you determine whether getting the hosting plan will be worth it.
  2. See how reliable the customer support is. As a business owner you don’t want to be stressed with the technical stuff of running your website. It is better to get a web hosting solution that provides optimal customer support that will help your business boost its online presence stress-free.


With a ton of web hosting services available today, it is best to choose the right one that’ll fit to your need and your budget. The web hosting plan that best suit your business interest.

Make sure that you take time reading the product offerings and you have considered your goals as a business owner.

Basic plans work best for those who are just starting out in the online community and doesn’t expect much traffic for the first few months.

Bigger plans are recommended for business websites that have a potential to generate much more traffic. Always read reviews from others and be sure that your hosting company offers outstanding customer support that’ll help you leverage your business without much hassle.


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