Z.com Friendship
Referral Program

Z.com's Referral Program is super easy and can be started any time. A new friend you refer gets a Php 350 coupon, while you earn when a friend purchases Php 700 worth of products

How does it work?

  • 01

    Share your unique Referral Link to your friends - by email, social, text / chat, etc

  • 02

    Your friend sees the Referral URL and signs up

  • 03

    Your friend registers and receives a coupon

  • 04

    You get get a coupon when she buys

How much is the Gift Coupon worth??

When your referral friend signs up with Z.com, he / she will get a PHP 350 coupon. In addition, when you referral friend spends PHP 700 and above, we will give YOU a coupon equivalent to that.

How to Start Referral Program


Login your control panel.


You can click Friend Referrals in top right of the control panel.


You can click “+Referral” in top right of the screen.


You can check “Referral URL” for Customer.
You have entered “Share Method” of mail icon.
You can also share this link via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.


Please enter the email address of your friend you want to refer.
After entering, click “Yes”, and the referral URL will be sent.
After that, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox so you can check if it was sent correctly.

Your coupons earned will appear in “Friend Referrals” page.

Select country you prefer.