Brand New Cloud with Simple and Scalable Solutions Cloud

Dynamic, Powerful Yet Easy-to-use

Have you ever experienced seeing an invoice with a long list of items and have no idea where they come from? It never happens at You can be assured for our simple flat-rate pricing system. This kind of flexible and elastic Cloud solution has never been available before except at an expensive price. Now it is available at an affordable price here. Choose the plan that best suits your purpose.

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What is Cloud?


Leading to better performance, we adopt full SSD for all VPS(local storage) and block storage which can be added more resources as needed. You can handle a rapid increase in traffic quickly by using the scale-in/out features without moving any data. Also we offer load balancer which boosts the performance of the whole system by adding extra server automatically.

Application Server

No configuration is needed. You can start using e-mail server and database server right away! And your custom domain can be set up easily. For the database server, we adopted MariaDB which can be added on VPS server on local connection.

Object Storage

Despite the low price, there is no limitation for disk size and the transaction volume. With its high flexibility, it is suitable for storing large data such as graphics and videos. All the data will be replicated and stored in multiple storage devices. It's a highly durable environment to protect the data storage.


From the system configuration, such as VPS server and network configuration, to the account administration including invoice and user management, all the basic operation can be managed by API (Application Programming Interface).

For DNS, you can configure the domains as needed at no extra cost, with no limitation. Record configuration feature is available with it. We also offer “GeoDNS” feature which responds with server IP closest to query source.