VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Z.com SG's VPS (Virtual Private Server) adopts SSD drives, which ensure you get a high I / O performance. From small-scale configuration to high-performance applications, our VPS can meet a wide range of needs since it supports up to a 24 CPU core and 64 GB memory.

Get started with your new server in just 25 seconds

Changes to the specifications can be made freely, since scaling up / down of the virtual server is supported. On top of that, scale expansion is also flexible. Addition of your new server can be done in just 25 seconds so that you can quickly respond to rapid scale-outs, including procurement of development environment servers. You can also optimize the cost by reducing the scale once the peak has passed.

Take your pick from our wide selection of virtual server templates provided; from popular Operating Systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and more, to popular applications such as WordPress, LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Docker, etc.