3 Reasons Why To Choose WordPress To Build Your Website

Thursday December 3rd, 2015 WordPress, Z.com News

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“1/4 of the world‘s website are built using ●●●.”
…Could you tell me what ●●● will be?

The answer is “WordPress. ”

WordPress is a world famous open source software, mainly for blog and CMS.
According to W3Techs, 25.1% of the world‘s website are made with WordPress.
(WordPress also has 58.7% share of the CMS market.)

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From: W3Techs 2015

TIME magazine’s official website, TOYOTA’s Prius campaign site, Beyonce’s official website……
Today, even big corporation or celebrity use WordPress to make their own website.

This time, we introduce 3 strong reason why to choose WordPress to build website.

●1  Free open source
WordPress is open source software and free.
So you can get cutting-edge features and modern design easily.

Besides that, Z.com offers original themes and plug-ins, it makes you have more choice to choose.
Choose the one that suits your purpose from wide variety of themes and plug-ins.

●2 Ease of customization
With free blog service, you can’t customize the website details such as features and design.
And most of the time, it’s only allowed to use sub-domain.
So actually It is not suitable for official company website.

With WordPress, you can choose from wide variety of free template, and customize its feature and design.
And your original domain can be used for it.

At Z.com for WordPress, you can register your domain at the same control panel.
If you already have your domain, you can use it as well.
(We also offer free sub-domain.)

●3 Easy to use
You don’t need to have much knowledge about web programming.
WordPress provides easy to use control panel, so even beginner can build a professional website.

Furthermore, Z.com for WordPress offers “Backup” function and “Staging environment” for your convenience.
So if you make a mistake, you don't have to worry as much.

Z.com for WordPress is hosting service dedicated to WordPress.
It automatically installs application you need, so you can save a lot of time.
And high-speed SSD is used for all of the storage so that it can be accessed more quickly.


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