Object Storage

Object storage is the best storage option to store large amounts of data at a low cost.
At Z.com SG, we offer high quality storage at a low price with a simple price system.
No limits on capacity, no data transfer fees!

No data transfer fee
Unlimited capacity
Reliable and tolerant to faults

No data transfer fee

Unlimited capacity

Reliable and tolerant to faults

Move large amounts of data without worry, as there are no data transfer fees.

You can increase the capacity indefinitely as there is no upper limit. This is ideal for the distribution of a large number or volume of files, such as images and movies, or for keeping increasing backups and log data.

Be worry-free with our reliability and hig fault-tolerance, as triple copies of data are kept internally.

Only SGD 5.49/month per 100GB
RESTful API Correspondence

Only SGD 5.49/month per 100GB

RESTful API Correspondence

Our high-quality storage is available from only SGD 5.49/month per 100GB. In addition, there are no initial fees and data transfer fees.

Access your data with RESTful API, without having to rely on the operating or file systems.

Uses of object storage

Object storage is suitable for unstructured information, little to non-rewritten data, data of increasing capacity, and so on. Be worry-free with our object storage system, as it can deliver high fault-tolerance and reliability with triple data copying. Large amounts of data, ranging from media files to archives, can be saved easily and indefinitely as there is no upper capacity limit.

Configuration sample of video distribution site
using object storage

For media files like movies, it is recommended to use an object storage that can manage large data capacities. In addition, since Z.com SG does not charge for data transfers, you need not worry about the number of requests and the amount of data transferred.

Configuration sample of file server backup
using object storage

This configuration arrangement involves storing the backups in object storage to connect the file server to the network and the internal environment VPN. The object storage can disperse data three times while securing high fault-tolerance.


Our rate is SGD 5.49/month. For usage durations that are shorter than a month, you will be switched automatically to hourly billing at SGD 0.008/hour, so that you end up paying less.

  • Free transfer fee - Unlimited transfer amount
  • SGD 5.49/month per 100GB
  • SGD 0.008/hour less than one month use
Plan Initial Cost Transfer fee Min usage period Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
Object Storage (per 100GB) Free Free None SGD 5.49 SGD 0.008
Minimum usage capacity None
Maximum usage capacity None
API Free of charge for OpenStack support RESTful API
Data redundancy Triple data copy

Can I connect to a local network from Z.com SG's VPS to my object storage?

You will be connected via an external network when connecting from Z.com SG's VPS to object storage.

Is there a limit to the number of objects that can be uploaded to the object storage?

A maximum of 1 million objects and 100 containers can be uploaded and created respectively, per Z.com SG account when connecting from Z.com SG's VPS to object storage.