Z.com Friendship
Referral Program

Referral program that you can start at any time and use easily to as a Z.com customers. Please introduce about a referral URL for customer to your friend. When your friends using ConoHa from referral for URL, we will give coupon of Z.com to you and your friends.

Introduce for referral URL

  • 01

    Notice of URL

  • 02

    Get a Coupon

  • 03

    Fixed amount of money

  • 04

    Get a Coupon

How Much Can I Get the Present Coupon?

When referral friend start up Z.com, we will give SGD 10 of coupon to your friend. In addition, when referral friend spend SGD 20, we will give SGD 20 of coupon to you.

How to Start Referral Program


Login your control panel.


You can click friend referrals in top right of the control panel.


You can click “+Referral” in top right of the screen.


You can check “Referral URL” for Customer.
You have entered “Share Method” of mail icon.
You can also referral with the use of Facebook, twitter and Google+ to your friend.


Please enter the email address of your friend who you want to referral.
After you entered it, click the “Yes”, the referral URL will be sent.
After all, the referral program will be completed.Since the evidence email that was also sent to your own email box,
you can check if they were sent correctly.
※How to confirm the present coupon?
Since you received the present coupon, it will appear in “Friend Referrals” page.

Select country you prefer.