List email addresses.

Request URL

Mail API v1.0

GET /v1/emails

Request Paramters

Parameter Value Style Type Description
X-Auth-Token - header string User Token
domain_id(Optional) - query UUID Domain ID
offset(Optional) - query int The number of the transactions to start displaying with (Default:0)
limit(Optional) - query int The number of transactions for displaying (Default:1000)
sort_key(Optional) create_date/email query string Sort Key (Default:create_date)
sort_type(Optional) asc/desc query string Sort Order (Default:asc)

Response Paramters

Parameter Value Style Type Description
emails - - list -
domain_id - plain UUID Domain ID
email_id - plain UUID Email ID
email - plain string Email Address
virus_check true/false plain string true:virus check is enabled / false:virus check is disabled
spam_filter true/false plain string true:spam filter is enabled / false:spam filter is disabled
spam_filter_type subject/tray plain string subject:give a subject to spam mail /tray:redirect spam mail to a spam folder
forwarding_copy true/false plain string true:leave a copy of a forwarded message in the mailbox /false:not leave a copy of a forwarded message in the mailbox
total_count - plain int Total Count
current_count - plain int Current Count

Request Json

This operation does not accept a request body.

Normal response codes

200 - Success

Error response codes

401 - Access Denied
404 - Not Found




curl -i -X GET \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "X-Auth-Token: 39be9f8d53044388b7f2e867eba8b140" \
HTTP/1.1 200 Success
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 01:46:58 GMT
Server: Apache
Content-Length: 1003
Content-Type: application/json

    "emails": [
            "domain_id": "1b508bb370c78b7a9d44",
            "email_id": "a61f62728e50414998f0beb08e16a49a",
            "email": "",
            "username": "paasmail_00000001",
            "total_usage": 50,
            "virus_check": true,
            "spam_filter": true,
            "spam_filter_type": "subject",
            "forwarding_copy": true
            "domain_id": "1b508bb370c78b7a9d44",
            "email_id": "y96hwtq0l0ehvk973b80543np47z4e8ed",
            "email": "",
            "username": "paasmail_00000002",
            "total_usage": 50,
            "virus_check": true,
            "spam_filter": true,
            "spam_filter_type": "subject",
            "forwarding_copy": true