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What is Cloud is a cloud service built up with OpenStack technology; Designed and developed together with engineers from our headquaters, GMO Internet Group Japan, our main objective is to provide virtual machines with high usability and competative pricing comparing to other cloud service providers. We insisted to spend effort to do research and analysis to understand the needs of users from Thailand which is mainly requiring for easy-understanding control panels and user interface that is matching the culture of Thailand's market demands.

To fully optimize the system features matching users with different requirements, our cloud service consists 2 different environment, Cloud VPS and Cloud Enterprise ( CloudEP). Both of our Cloud services are having the same basic technical specifications as follows.

Highlight of

Difference between

Service Concept

Target User

Individual users, static websites, etc.

Large companies, financial institutes, online businesses

Official Certification


ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Payment Terms

Pay-per-use with credit charge or upfront payment

Pay after use every month

User Interface

API Support

Self-Service Control Panel


Network Architecture

Fully redundant with 2N redundancy

Fully redundant with 2N redundancy

Server Architecture

Backup server with N+1 redundancy

Backup server with hot standby of 2N redundancy

Backup and Storage

VM Manual Backup Mechanism

Offline cold backup only

Support both online hot backup & offline cold backup

VM Autobackup Feature

Random 1 time every week with 3 generation copy

Flexible scheduling for daily/weekly/monthly backups

Storage Volume Mechanism

Boot storage for OS is not detachable

Both boot storage and additional storage can be detached/attached

Advanced Features

Capability to Use External Devices

Dedicated Host Server

NFS Volume for File Storage

VM Options

Server Plan for VM

8 plans including 1 global IP & 50GB disk space

Total 15 VM plans

Global IP Address

Every VM has a Global IP[/32] included

IP address segments purchased separately according to needs

Private IP Network



Load Balancer

Storage Volume Plan for VM

50GB disk included, additional disks can be purchased

First 50GB of block storage disk is free, additional volumes can be purchased with different level of commited access speed (IOPS)

VM with Pre-installed Apps

Large variety of pre-installed server applications

Only provides VMs with OS (Operating System)

Service Features

Customer Support Service

Additional Support Service

Monthly fee based on support scope and operation time

Additional Consultation & Setup Service

Additional services available based on manday/manhour basis

Other Benefits of using