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"Create a Server within 1 Minute" (Manage all your own via Control Panel)

  • Customers can Backup, Restore image by themselves via Control Panel

  • Faster with SSD Enterprise

  • Increase or decrease the server size manually immediately

  • Service charge according to actual usage hourly



Benefits of VPS discount ticket

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  • C1


    • CPU 1 Core
      RAM 1 GB<
      Storage 20 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C2


    • CPU 2 Core
      RAM 2 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C3


    • CPU 4 Core
      RAM 4 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C4


    • CPU 4 Core
      RAM 8 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C5


    • CPU 8 Core
      RAM 8 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C6


    • CPU 8 Core
      RAM 16 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C7


    • CPU 12 Core
      RAM 32 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited
  • C8


    • CPU 24 Core
      RAM 64 GB<
      Storage 50 GB
      Tranfer Unlimited

* Plan C1 (1GB / 1Core): 20GB, 220GB, 520GB website space available.
* Plan C1 (1GB / 1Core): OS Windows cannot be used, Auto-BackUp is not available and cannot be upgraded to another plan.
* OS: Windows customers will have additional cost for license.
* Data Transfer: You can use unlimited. And must not affect other users If you have an abnormality, the system will automatically slow down your internet connection speed.

Highlights of Cloud VPS

Zero downtime even device or server out of service are 100% international standard Cloud system designed by professional team from japan (Thailand server located) with all total international standard devices with redundant equipment including Server device, Storage Device, Network etc. to ensure that in case of any emergency. The system will be able to perform 100% with no Downtime.

User friendly Control Panel management screen

Control Panel system are designed and developed from programmer team with over 100 of system engineer for 2 years with Simplicity and functionality concern user are able to create, delete, upgrade, downgrade, spec on their own server.

Preview Control Panel Click!

Service charge from real data usage (Hourly, Daily, Monthly) cloud system will be charge according to real data usage hourly no need to use long term contract save cost and give you more flexibility.

Manually Backup & Restore image through the Control Panel

Typically, our system will backup your images for standard services. However customer can manually manage a backup and restore image by yourself through the Control Panel or using Auto Backup ( 100 THB/mo )

Manually IP Address through the Control Panel

Customers can order new IP to be used on the server easily through the Control Panel. Do not waste time for setup, just one click, you can have a new IP ready to use immediately. Our system charges an hourly usage rate. So you can control your spending (100 THB/mo).

Faster with SSD Enterprise use all SSD Enterprise (Especially for server) for the faster service SSD international standard Harddisk is 5 times faster speed than SATAfor the better work experience.

Manually adjust Server capacity

Manually adjust server specification CPU, Memory , Harddisk via Control Panel just only 1 click server can be manually add easily.

We choose Server Dell R640 & Network 10Gbps

All servers are DELL R630 with the best performance, and all network devices whether it be Switch, Server and Storage have 10Gbps connection speed for fast transfer and Backup data.

Available for Linux and Windows

Available for both Windows and Linux (CentOS, Ubantu, Debian, FreeBSD, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD). , DruPal, Ruby on Rails, GitLab, Redmine, Jenkins). Our Windows is a 100% valid license (Windows customers will have a license fee).

With our Support Technical Engineer

From will assist and help you solve any problem, Contact us : 02-113-1184 , E-mail , Livechat or directly at Headquarter

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