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Minecraft Server

Create your own world and share with friends
Starting at 600 THB


Ready to work Minecraft Server. Just click and ready to dive into the world of MINECRAFT with Cloud Server that has 40Gbp Uplink but located in Thailand. This makes our Minecraft Server much faster and stronger than the PC Server, will be able to play or play in groups and will be ready immediately.

What is "MINECRAFT"?

It's a very popular sandbox game. (a game where you can freely explore and play in a huge world) that adults and children can enjoy. We are developing a wide range of compatible platforms such as personal computers, home game consoles and smartphones, and more recently. YouTube video player about this game is also very popular. It is a long-term hit game with worldwide sales more than 100 million copies.

Create Minecraft Server

Easy for create game server play on mobile or computer has prepared Mine Craft game server templates for use on PC in Java Edition and Bedrock for mobile. You can create a server in 1 click and ready to use without having to install the program or Any additional setup

How to connect server with game

Manage Server by our control panel

Manage Server by our control panel

Control Panel system are designed and developed from programmer team with over 100 of system engineer for 2 years with Simplicity and functionality concern user are able to create, delete, upgrade, downgrade, spec on their own server

Typically, our system will backup your images for standard services. However customer can manually manage a backup and restore image by yourself through the Control Panel or using Auto Backup ( 100 THB/mo )


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