Easy- to-Use for the First Time User
Advanced Features
of Z.com Web Hosting

Easy-to-use and has a wide variety of features which allow you to use in various situations at maximum performance.

By adopting the “cPanel®” technology, a leader in the control panel industry, all your unwanted spam and junk mails will be completely blocked using a high-standard technology. So take the chance to experience this great performance.

Are You Still Paying Unnecessary Charges?

Available from 1-hourZ.com Web Hosting offers not only pay-per-use payment system at least from 1 hour also a discount for long-term users.
If you want to use only during the period of the campaign or the summer vacation, it is possible to take advantage only the necessary amount of charges.

No Credit Card Required

No Credit Card Required

You can choose the most convenient payment methods, because we offer flexible and multiple options of payment.
Make the most of this opportunity and enjoy the best and most reliable web hosting with Z.com.

The Best Control Panel in the World

cPanel®Z.com Web Hosting adopts the world's most popular Control Panel "cPanel®", a graphical user interface is accepted and simple to use.
Experience easy server management for people of all skill levels on Z.com.

The Highest Level of Security in the World

Spam filter

Z.com Web Hosting provides a safe and more comfortable e-mail environment by adopting the top rated messaging security in the industry, CLOUDMARK's "Cloudmark Authority" as a standard spam filter.
Scanning and blocking spam collectively on the server side, so you don't need to set up anything complicated.

Multiple Data Center Locations

Multi-Region Our web hosting plans have multiple data center locations in Tokyo, Singapore and United States, for those who deliver a content to globally. We will add more locations in the near future.

Free Professional Support

Free Professional Support

Even if you have never used web hosting services, our trained experts will carefully support you, all free of charge.
We would be happy to assist you anytime.

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Our advanced Features make your Web Development Life Easier.


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Specification SSD Storage 10GB 100GB Unlimited
Websites 1 10 Unlimited
Database 5 15 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel® cPanel® cPanel®
Free Professional Support
Regional Data Center
Domains Addon Domains 1 10 Unlimited
Subdomains 10 25 Unlimited
Aliases/Parked Domains 1 5 Unlimited
DNS Manager
DNS Zone Editor
Email Accounts 20 200 1,000
Default Address
Mailing Lists
Track Delivery
Global Email Filters
User Filters
Address Importer
MX Entry
Spam Filter Cloudmark Authority Cloudmark Authority Cloudmark Authority
Files File Manager
Directory Privacy
Disk Usage
FTP Accounts
FTP Manager
10 50 Unlimited
FTP Connections
Backup Wizard
DataBases MySQL Database 1GB 1GB 1GB
MySQL Database Wizard
Remote MySQL
Security SSH Access
IP Bloker
Hotlink Protection
Leech Protection
Software PHP
PHP PEAR Packages
Perl Modules
Optimize Website
PHP Processes
Installatron Applications Installer
Select PHP Version
Advanced Cron Jobs
Track DNS
Error Pages
Apache Handlers
MIME Types
Metrics Visitors
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Raw Access
Webalizer FTP
CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage
Analog Stats
Metrics Editor
1-click Web Applications WordPress

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