Update services.

Request URL

Mail API v1.0

PUT /v1/services/(uuid:service_id)

Request Paramters

Parameter Value Style Description
X-Auth-Token - header User Token
service_name - plain Service Name、文字種別:半角英数字、-(ハイフン)、_(アンダースコア)、文字長:1~255文字

Response Paramters

Parameter Value Style Type Description
service - plain dict -
status active/suspended/pending/creating/deleting/error plain string Status
service_id - plain UUID Service ID
service_name - plain string Service Name
smtp - plain string SMTP Host Name
pop - plain string POP Host Name
imap - plain string IMAP Host Name
mx - plain string MX Host Name
quota - plain int Quota for Use(Unit:GB)
total_usage - plain float Total Usage(Unit:GB)It displays the number with two decimal point.
default_domain - plain string Default Domain
backup enable/disable plain string Backup Setting : enable/disable
backup_imap - plain dict It will be listed when backup is enabled.
1day_ago - plain string IMAP Backup(1 day ago)
2day_ago - plain string IMAP Backup(2 days ago)
3day_ago - plain string IMAP Backup(3 days ago)
create_date - plain string Creation Date

Request Json

    "service_name": "testservice"

Normal response codes

200 - Success

Error response codes

401 - Access Denied
404 - Not Found




curl -i -X PUT \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "X-Auth-Token: 39be9f8d53044388b7f2e867eba8b140" \
    "service_name": "testservice"
}' \
HTTP/1.1 200 Success
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 01:46:58 GMT
Server: Apache
Content-Length: 1003
Content-Type: application/json
        "status": "active",
        "service_id": "53044388b7f2e867e",
        "service_name": "testservice",
        "smtp": "",
        "pop": "",
        "imap": "",
        "mx": "",
        "quota": 540,
        "total_usage": 100,
        "default_domain": "",
        "backup": "enable",
        "backup_imap": {
        "create_date": "2015-04-07T04:19:05Z"