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GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM JSC. is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the “Z.com”) providing online services including domain name registration, hosting services and SSL certificates service respects the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of customer and visitor of Z.com, and that is why we commit to protect your personal information. Z.com always try to give our customers the service experience with the special impression of Z.com to give the real product and service the demand of customer. To achieve this goal, Z.com sometimes needs to collect information of the customer, visitor of Z.com. Z.com will not disclose information that we have collected to any third party except in cases stated in this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy is not intended to and does not create a contract or the rights of legal nature for any third partner.

We prepare this Privacy Policy to help customers and visitors to understand that we collect what information and by what way; How and when we use the information collected; What way we protect your information; who can access that information and how do you correct the information if the information is incorrect.

When customers access and use the website (including registration of online service), we understand that you totally agree with the terms of this policy.

1. General regulation

All the contents on the website are for the purpose to serve the information need of customer and help customers choose service. Therefore, customers can use the website without providing any personal information. However, in some cases, in case of related to the registration of the service, we may ask you to provide personal information, and as such, the customer must provide complete contact information exactly as required by the Terms of Z.com service. Z.com can collect information of customers, visitor by three ways: (i) the log on our server, (ii) from cookies and (iii) directly from the user.

2. The log on our server

When customers visit Z.com, we may collect certain information in order to serve website administration and evaluate the use of the website. The information will be collected including, but not limited to information such as:

  • IP address of customer;
  • Web browser or the type of computer using to access ;
  • Number of links/pages visited;
  • From what state or country do customer visit website ;
  • Date and time of visit;
  • The name of the internet service provider of customer;
  • Through from what internet address/website customers visit our website.

3. Cookies

Z.com use cookies to collect customer information as a vital part of the interaction between us and your browser. "Cookies" are pieces of information stored by our server located on your hard drive or browser on the computer of the customer, not on the website. They allow collecting some information on the computer of the customer such as IP address, operating system, web browser and the address of the relevant web page. We use cookies to store your login information; your account configured on our systems, and also provides other personalized services. You may refuse to use cookies by setting your browser if your browser supports, but it may prevent you from using some features or services of website Z.com without support. We do not intentionally limit the use of the customer in this situation, this is only limited to the programming and building websites

4. Information provided by Customer

On our website, customer may register to purchase products and services, sharing of personal information and to participate in the survey. When you register, we may ask you to provide some personal information such as name, residential address, email address or phone number and other necessary information. We will use them to serve the requirements of the customer, or for contacting customer by mail, email, text message, or phone ... in case of there are problems with product/service we provide; or comply with current law, the use of above method to introduce to customer about the products and services or new promotions of Z.com.

If customers order a product, request a service or submit content to our site, we may contact for additional information required to process or complete your order and/or requirements. However, we will not provide this information to a third party without the consent of the customer, unless the current mandatory law or when necessary to process orders (for example: registered with VNNIC, dispute resolution). Z.com commits to protect the privacy of customers, not purchasing the personal information of customers to other companies for promotional purposes.

If customers order the product/service, we may ask you to provide information related to number of credit card, bank account information. All such financial information is only for purposes of payment for the products/services you purchased. If the credit card, that information may be forwarded through the service provider of your credit card.

When customers provide the information to us via this website, it means that customers understand and accept for collection, use and disclosure of personal information listed above for some purposes specified in this website.

Customers expressly agree and accept that the personal information provided when using the website can be reserved at the head office or branch of Z.com and stored in a server existing or previously unknown for operational purposes and website development as well as the services of Z.com.

5. Others

For the security purposes, and protecting the integrity of information as well as ensuring the smoothness of the network, Z.com can use the software to track website traffic, determine the actions of provide, change illegal information or loss of information and data. The software can gather some information related to the process of using the website and the network of user.

6. Use of customer information.

Z.com can use customer information provided proactively by customer or collected for purposes including but not limited:

  • Statistic the number of visitors of website and the level of interest to our services and other statistical criteria decided by Z.com.
  • Managing the information confirming the ownership of client account (if customers have registered accounts with Z.com) and performing the operation in order to provide services to customers and customer care such as :
    • Solving the orders and providing domain name registration services, website hosting and other services provided by Z.com
    • Receiving and responding the questions, comments, requests for assistance, suggestions or complaints relating to the provision of services;
    • Providing information about promotions, price lists, sales policy and customer service .
  • Providing to third parties involved in the cases of specified in this Privacy Policy;
  • Provide to state agencies upon request;
  • Other cases that Z.com permitted to use under the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of related services .

7. Links to other Websites:

On Z.com websites, there are links to some website not under the management of Z.com or links to other websites in purpose to introduce or additional information related for references. We are not responsible for the information published and the information collected on this website. We recommend that you carefully read the terms concerning privacy policies on each website.

8. Safety commitments

When programming the site, we can put the commercially reasonable laws to prevent acts of unlawful access and inappropriate use of personal information that customer have sent to Z.com through using this site. In online transactions, Z.com will apply technological standards needed to protect the confidentiality and security of online data transfer.

Z.com constantly updates and deploys the advanced technology applications in security and encryption technology. However, there can be no absolute security for the transmission of information via the Internet whether provided directly, by phone or over the Internet, or through other technical means, and so there are always risks related to problems of supply and protection of personal data, anti-intrusion of people from rummage information, Z.com strives to conduct the appropriate precautions for each character of information to prevent and minimize the possible risks when customers use this website. Despite these efforts, Z.com cannot ensure or warrant the security of information that customer sent to us through our online products/services and customer will bear such risks.

In online transactions, although Z.com efforts to protect the information, Z.com also cannot guarantee the complete safety of the information that customer send to us online, customer can still send via internet with your risks. When we received the information sent to, we will have the correct and logical step in ensuring the security of information systems.

Z.com is responsible in case the incident occurred related to safety of customer information or customer data arising from causes beyond the control of Z.com, including but not limited the customer reveal passwords or security attack through other means not involving services of Z.com.

9. Information exchange via E-mail

When customers register for the service, your e-mail address provided will be used as a tool to communicate. Firstly, customer must make sure that you have provided your useful e-mail address during the use of services.

We can send confidential information via e-mail or receive support requests from customers. In case, customer no longer use e-mail provided, Please tell us about changes to this. If customers do not wish to receive information from email, please click on the link in any email to refuse for the next sending, or send us an email mentioned about it.

To protect customers, Z.com can temporarily stop receiving requests via e-mail that customer provided in case of notice of fraud or unusual information - until we contact to customer to confirm.

We will preserve the content of any e-mail that customer send to us, we are confident that we have the requests from law. Your emails can be monitored by the staff of Z.com for security reasons including the suspicious e-mail; Our responses are also monitored to serve the quality of customer service.

10. Customer information Adjustment

Z.com will be active or at the request of the customer to modify, edit or erase personal information that is inaccurate, incomplete or not updated when customer link with our activities. If customers have registered as members of Host VN system, you can update and change personal information at: https://z.com/vn/en/. Also you can contact the following email address: hotro.web.vn@z.com
To protect your privacy and security, we take reasonable steps (such as requiring a unique password) to verify your identity before you are accessing and changing personal profile. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and your account information.

11. Customer Information disclosure

Z.com provide the information of customer for subsidiaries, members of the GMO or other third unit for the purpose of processing information and/or coordinating service providers and/or on behalf of Z.com service provider, to provide products or services to customers. These units are not allowed to use the personal information of customers for other purposes and we also ask them to comply with security regulations when conducting providing service. We require these parties to agree processing information matching our privacy policies, and we use all reasonable efforts to limit the use of that information and use proper security case and other security measures.

We may disclose information when customers in case of needing to follow the law, or the action that is necessary to comply with the requirements of the State management agencies of Vietnam on information technology, or answer to the court and other judicial bodies, or search warranty.

Information of customer may be necessary for the purposes of investigation, prevention, or in case of actual or suspected of engaging in illegal activities, including fraud, potentially threatening to the security public safety or physical safety of any person, violations of Terms of Service and/or the comfort of our security, or prohibited by law.

Z.com also reserves the right to disclose personal information as appropriate or necessary to enforce the our Privacy Policy, to take measures to prevent legal liability, to investigate and defend Z.com against any claims of third parties to assist in the enforcement agencies of the government, to protect the security or integrity of our websites, products and services, and to perform or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Z.com, our employees, our users, or others

12. Duration of customer information storage

When accessing the websites of the system managed by Z.com or providing the contact information at the request of Z.com, customers totally accept that the contact information is stored in the server system of Z.com and become the database of Z.com until customers terminate fully the contract of using our service, or may be extended in other cases that Z.com considers as necessary.

13. Customers of Z.com

All Customers accessing or using the services of Z.com commit that they have full legal capacity as stipulated by local law in dealing with Z.com relations, and so, Customer is responsible for all acts of access or use our services at Z.com as well as information provided to Z.com

Z.com does not serves juvenile individual (consistent with Vietnam law regulating in each time and each object) who are not entitled to buy or attempt to use based on other legal charter on the website without the approval of parents or legal guardians unless local laws may impose or permit. Somehow and in all cases, customers visiting or using the services of Z.com are entitled to know that you are entitled to or have been approved by parents or legal guardians

14. Effectiveness and application

This Privacy Policy is applied for Z.com website, which is run by GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM JSC. The information referred in this Privacy Policy may be shared among the members of the Z.com and GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM JSC.

This Privacy Policy can also be applied to services provided by Z.com on websites operated by third parties. If this happens, there will be notices on the website to inform customers refer to this Privacy Policy.

Besides the terms of this Privacy Policy, it may have the confidentiality provisions in some specific contents of the separate website. Because these provisions are directly related to the security of customer information so customers should read these provisions on a particular section of the website. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of the Privacy Policy and the terms added in each of the specific content of the website, these additional provisions will prevail.

These are the current terms of the Privacy Policy of Z.com. This policy replaces the former Policy/Terms (if any) that has been posted on Z.com website until the present time.

15. Change of regulations

Z.com may change, modify, supplement or replace the contents of the Privacy Policy at any time to comply with the provisions of Law of Socialist Republic of Vietnam without notice. However, if the regulations are changed in direction that can be detrimental to customer, Z.com will try to inform about the change by e-mail provided by customer or notice on the home page. All changes will take effect after it is published on the website of Z.com. Z.com encourage customer to regularly review the Notice of Privacy Policy to update our changes to this Policy.

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