Why Using Z.com Cloud ?

Quick setting up

Your server is ready to use withing 1 minute after you complete registration

High-speed SSD disk

Z.com's server all use SSD storage which is capable of reaching speed 4 times higher than HDD

Open Stack

We use standard Cloud Openstack IaaS with a lot of useful functions

Scale Up/Scale down

You can easily adjust server specifications to meet your requirements in Control Panel

Auto Back-Up

Your server is fully backed up once a week so you don't need to worry about losing data when incidents happen

Friendly Management Screen

Our managemtn panel is designed to be simply and friendly for users

Power your growth

Z.com has all necessary function to operate server and accelerate your growing bussiness. You can manage these powerful services from My Z.com management console:
- Load Balancer
- Object Storage
- Additional IP
- Private network
- Dozens of other services

Operating system & application template

Preconfigured images allow you to select your favourite operating systems and multiple web
applications with a single click. It's just easy for you.

Select country you prefer.

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