5 Tips On What to Do If Your Domain Name Isn’t Available

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By: Mark Christopher Lund


Imagine you have finally decided what type of business you are going to pursue, you have all planned out even to the last details, you even have a chosen domain name for your website the only problem now is when you try to register the domain name that you want you get this below.



To a business that has been operating for quite a while this wouldn’t be much of a problem as you could simply buy the domain from the current owner who has it, sometimes for quite an ample amount, but for a business that’s just starting out this is a HUGE problem. Don’t panic though as we will provide you some tips on what to do if your domain name is taken.


Tip No. 1

Mix it up a bit

This is one of the tips that a lot of people would more or less wouldn’t want to hear, but in choosing a domain name you should always reconsider the domain that you have chosen, if it truly fits for your business. In the chance that the “.com” TLD (Top Level Domain) of your chosen domain is the only one that is taken you could always look for the alternatives with “.org”, “.net” or if you are feeling adventurous you could even try TLD that are new like “.xyz”, “.biz” and so on.

If choosing an alternative TLD is not your cup of tea, try changing up your name for example if your chosen domain is, “business.com” try changing it to something like:

  • mybusiness.com
  • thebusiness.com
  • businessnow.com

Keeping in mind that it should be easy to remember to easy to spell as well, avoid using special characters and hyphens as much as possible.



Tip No. 2

Find out who own the domain

If you are really dedicated in getting the domain you want no matter what the cost, you may want to directly contact whoever own the domain at the moment. Sites like who.is usually offers information of the owner on their site, ones you get the info you need like their email or phone number if you’re lucky, making them agree will be the only thing you should be working on.


Tip No. 3

Make an offer

Ones you figure out who own it and you have successfully contacted them, you will now have to make an arrangement with them for the domain. With that being said here are a few of the things you should probably consider in making an offer:


  • Never assume they aren’t using the domain just because no site is available when inputting the address into a browser. Some usually use the domain as an email extension or as a redirecting address. Be tactful in your approach to the owner as to not disrespect them.
  • If you are not sure they are actually willing to sell their domain, humbly asking if they are considering selling it would be appropriate. Be mindful of how they would react, if they stay calm try to continue by giving the reasons why you would want to buy the domain from them remembering to make it casual as to not sound desperate, but in the chance they react aggressively it is best to step back or to try a different approach as to make them listen to you.
  • Ones you get them to agree, expect that it won’t be cheap. Often time’s owners of a specific domain would over-price the domain they currently own, even truer if the said owner has experience multiple times that someone wants to buy their domain. You could try haggling your way into getting it for a reasonable price or offer something of value that you they would want.


Tip No.4

Wait until it expires

If the owner is just being too difficult or is just unwilling to give the domain, waiting for it to expire would be your last resort, mind you that doing to this is almost an impossibility as before the

domain even has a chance to expire the hosting provider would warn the owner countless of times and even if the owner chooses to ignore this, the domain is parked for at least 30 – 45 more days to give the owner a chance to retrieve it back.


Tip No. 5

No domain is perfect

At the end of the day the perfect domain really doesn’t exist, you can waste your time trying to figure out how to get that perfect one when a completely acceptable and decent domain is out there waiting. Try to build your domain around your brand instead of the other way around, this would mean to prioritize your services or products rather than the namesake for your website.

With this tips in mind you will now have an idea on what you could do get the domain you want, but in the chance you have decided to take another chance and just look for another domain, why not let us help you by visiting our domain search here: Z.com Domain


We promise to aid you every-step of the way until you get that right domain for you!

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