How to Design an eCommerce Website to Get More Conversions

Tuesday August 15th, 2017 News, Events, Information

By: Robert "Bob" Reyes


As an Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) website owner, your aim is always to boost your sales – increase the conversion rate of your site. A good conversion rate to strive for is better than the one your site is having now. One of the major contributor affecting conversions in your website is the quality of traffic.

Please allow me to list down design factors to consider to get more conversions on your eCommerce website.


Use Quality Product Images

Quality product images sell products online. People want to see what they’re buying. The grandfather of boosting ecommerce conversion rates is having high quality photos of your product. The more high quality photos in your website, the better. Show the products from different angles, in context, make them zoomable.


Write Great Product Copy

Awesome product descriptions matter. Product copy’s role is to give buyers enough information so they could convince themselves this is the right product for them. Always remember that it is clarity over persuasion. The best sales copy is full and complete information, no hype needed.

Common question when it comes to product copy is “how long?” You should offer both: the short (concise) version and the long version.

The shorter version should capture the essence like who’s the product for, what will it do and why is that good.

The longer version should give so much information that the user will not have a single question left. If they read the whole thing and still have questions or doubts, then you have a problem. If they’re convinced only half way through, they can just skip and continue to checkout.

Amazon’s website has the best example for a proper copy for your eCommerce website. The copy in their website has proper text for humans, turns features into benefits and even provides a comparison table. Technical info is provided too.


Put Product Videos

Images are good, but videos are the future. Photos have their limitations, video is the next step before actual touching and feeling. Check out Instagram, this platform is now being used for promoting an online business through videos. If your eCommerce website is not doing product videos yet, do them for at least part of the inventory and see if it makes a difference.


Implement Site Customization

Customization is fun, has a game-like element to it and creates a feeling of ownership. Once you’ve spent minutes configuring a product, it feels like your own. People like to customize stuff.

Years ago, when you need a new laptop you can go straight to The Dell website then offered a way for you to customize your laptop before actually purchasing it online. Most of the time, customized products will end up to cost more than the regular items displayed in a eCommerce website.


Get Rid of Shipping Fees

Did you know that half of online merchants and eCommerce website offer FREE shipping? Sounds crazy, but yes that is the reality. Some offer always free, some have conditions. Amazon and JCPenney offer free shipping if you buy for at least $25 or $50, respectively. Nordstrom offers free shipping for all purchases. All of this has gotten people used to the idea of free shipping. People love everything that is FREE!

Based on a recent study, unconditional free shipping is the number 1 criteria for making a purchase (73% listed it as ‘critical’). In another study, 93% of respondents indicated that free shipping on orders would encourage them to purchase more products.

Consumers say that high shipping costs as the number one reason why they were not satisfied with their online shopping experience. This is due to the fact that shipping costs are the main reason why people prefer brick and mortar compared to online shopping.

People want free shipping, no surprise there. Orders with free shipping average around 30% higher in value than those charge a few bucks for transport. Completely makes business sense.


Have a Section for Sales & Specials

One design factor also to consider is to have a section dedicated for Sales and Specials. Remember, people will not have the luxury of time to browse in each and every item you have. It is best that your website has a section to highlight items that are on sale – people love items on sale, next to freebies.


Boosting traffic to your website is one thing, converting visitors to customers is another. I do hope that with the above, you will be able to (re)design your eCommerce website to get more conversions from your online store visitors.

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