Our VPS price plans operates on a fixed monthly fee structure, with no initial fees and no minium usage period!

Simple charge system without initial cost
$14.27/mo $0.02/hr
$27.68/mo $0.039/hr
$54.15/mo $0.076/hr
$105.73/mo $0.147/hr
$206.22/mo $0.287/hr
$402.2/mo $0.559/hr
$784.39/mo $1.09/hr
RAM 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
CPU 2 core 3 core 4 core 6 core 8 core 12 core 24 core
High-speed SSD 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Initial Cost None None None None None None None
Minimum Usage Period None None None None None None None
Fixed rates from SGD 14.27 / month’s VPS can be used on either a monthly flat rate, or hourly basis. For shorter usage periods
of less than a month, you will be automatically switched to hourly billing to ensure that you pay less.

Fixed rates from SGD 10.98 / month Click here for hourly rate
Service Specifications
Template Page OS CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian/FreeBSD/Fedora/openSUSE/Arch Linux/NetBSD/OpenBSD
Application LAMP(PHP)/Ruby on Rails/WordPress(KUSANAG)/Redmine/Jenkins/GitLab/
baserCMS/Piwik/Zabbix/Joomla/Mastodon/MediaWiki/MIRACLE ZBX*1/LEMP/Minecraft*1
Data Center Japan (Tokyo), Singapore
Virtualization infrastructure Adopt OpenStack + KVM.
Network Shared Internet 100Mbps, Private Network 1Gbps
Global IP Address IPv4 Address 1pc, IPv6 Address 17 pcs
Data transfer amount No Charge & Indefinite period
Private Network Construct a network environment only for customers.
API API is free-of-charge and in compliance with OpenStack.
Please check here for the API listing.
DNS Provides DNS functions for registration of Domain Records at no additional charge.
Control Panel You can add new virtual servers, object storage,
and perform complex functions like GeoDNS from the browser.
Administrator Authority Root authorization
Hourly Charge Monthly Charge
Option Additional SSD 200GB SGD 0.056 SGD 39.63 Expand your VPS' capabilities with options such as additional SSD, load balancer to reduce server load, and create additional VPS with the help of the Save Image function.
500GB SGD 0.1 SGD 71.34
Additional IP Address SGD 0.016 SGD 10.98
Load Balancer SGD 0.023 SGD 15.85
Save Image SGD 0.034 SGD 23.78
Automatic Backup 50GB SGD 0.007 SGD 4.76
200GB SGD 0.016 SGD 11.09
500GB SGD 0.038 SGD 26.95
PaaS Mail Server 10GB SGD 0.012 SGD 7.93 PaaS, which starts off with a capacity of 10GB, has the capacity to start a mail server immediately. DB servers, which adopt MariaDB, allow it to work together with VPS locally.
DB Server 10GB SGD 0.012 SGD 7.93
Additional Disk SGD 0.007 SGD 4.76
Automatic Backup SGD 0.007 SGD 4.76
Others Object Storage SGD 0.008 SGD 5.49 GeoDNS allows you to access the nearest data centre, and enable you to reach to your users and customers comfortably even from overseas.
GeoDNS SGD 0.009 SGD 6.1

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