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Cloud Remote Desktop

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Describe about Cloud Remote Desktop Cloud Remote Desktop can be used same as normal PC with Windows OS on Cloud. It can be connected via Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet device, etc anytime from anywhere as you have Internet connection. Easy to manage security policy of your organization, reducing costs, ready to help users immediately when there is a problem 24 hours a day in the data center that maintains the information security according to the international.

Sample Use Case

Provide secure Cloud Remote Desktop for remote work staff, outside vender, even freelance Cloud Remote Desktop makes possible the demands of remote workers who need to use multiple devices and access corporate applications and data from anyplace, anywhere with an internet connection. Reduce the risk of contracting viruses from traveling and working together in the organization. The organization can conduct business and generate profits without interruption.

Quickly provision for online class, event, and lab Cloud Remote Desktop makes possible that students can take some online classes from their home. Teachers or instructors can quickly provide specific applications for the unique needs for their class. Used together, you can easily build the learning environment your students need and ensure students have what they need for your class from day one.

High-performance and secure enviroment for the development of application or software

Developers need a secure, high-performance workspace for completing tasks without any risk and huge investment. Cloud Remote Desktop ensure secure enviroment where developer would not store any source code in their own devices, it makes helping company's intellectual property be safe.

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