Operating system & Application Template

Preconfigured images allow you to select your favourite operating systems and multiple applications template with a single click. It's all available for your variety of using purposes

Operating System

Operating system Version information
7.4 (64bit) / 7.3 (64bit) / 7.2 (64bit) / 6.9 (64bit) / 6.9 (32bit) / 6.8 (64bit) / 6.8 (32bit) / 6.7 (64bit) / 6.7 (32bit) / 6.6 (64bit) / 6.6 (32bit)
16.04 (64bit) / 16.04 (32bit) / 14.04 (64bit) / 14.04 (32bit)
9.0 (64bit) / 8.7 (64bit) / 8.7 (32bit) / 7.11 (64bit) / 7.11 (32bit)
10.3 (64bit) / 10.3 ZFS (64bit)
26 (64bit)
42.2 (64bit)
20170508 (64bit)
7.1 (64bit)
6.0 (64bit)
012R2std (64bit) ENG

Application Template

Template Version Description
baserCMS 4.0-64bit [centos-7.3] Open source CMS ideal for a corporate site which was developed in Japan.
concrete5 8.10-64bit [centos-7.3] CMS for creating and running a website with a simple intuitive operation, such as drag-and-drop.
Django 1.11-64bit [centos-7.3] Built with Python, Web application framework.
Docker 17.06-64bit [ubuntu-16.04] Very lightweight container type of application execution environment.
Drupal 8.2-64bit [centos-7.3] Popular CMS which is widely used all over the world
GitLab 10.0-64bit [centos-7.4] Software that can build a Git repository manager such as "GitHub" in its own server.
Hinemos 6.0-64bit [centos-7.3] Open source software for integrated operation management on multiple servers.
Jenkins 2.60-64bit [centos-7.3] Open source continuous integration tool written in Java.
Joomla 3.7-64bit [centos-7] Open source CMS, which is widely used all over the world.
LAMP (PHP) latest-64bit [centos-7.3] Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP configuration often used in Web site production.
LEMP latest-64bit [centos-7.3] Linux + Nginx (OpenResty) + MariaDB + PHP configuration using OpenResty subjected to extended integration etc. Lua processing system nginx.
Mastodon 1.2-64bit [ubuntu-16.04] Open source software to implement a distributed social network that can post such as Twitter.
MediaWiki 1.28-64bit [centos-7.3] Wiki engine that is used by Wikipedia.
Minecraft 1.12.2-64bit [centos-7.4] Image that you can build a Minecraft multi-server easily.
MongoDB 3.4-64bit [centos-7.3] Document-oriented database of open source.
ownCloud 10.0-64bit [centos-7.2] Online storage and open source software that provides a schedule synchronization, such as Google Calendar, such as Dropbox
Piwik 3.0-64bit [centos-7.3] Use of open source access analysis software.
Redis 3.2-64bit [centos-7.2] High-speed in-memory type Key-Value Store of open source.
Redmine 3.4-64bit [centos-7.3] Open source software for project management.
Ruby on Rails 5.1-64bit [centos-7.3] Built with Ruby, a framework for Web application development.
WordPress(KUSANAGI) latest-64bit [centos-7] Image for operating the WordPress at very high speed
Zabbix 2.4-64bit [centos-7.2] Open source software for integrated monitoring on a variety of networks, servers, and applications.

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