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Flat rate and hourly rate option to help reduce your costs Cloud

We offer pay per hour scheme option in case that you sign up in the middle of the month, or want to use temporarily. There is no initial fee or minimum contract term required.Start your business at low price, and make it bigger.


Service charge from real data usage

VPS Option Services

Additional SSD 200GB
800 THB/mo
1.11 THB/hr
Our SSD Block devices can be attached to a VPS server. You can choose any VPS server to be attached to it.
Additional SSD 500GB
1,500 THB/mo
2.08 THB/hr
Additional IP Address
100 THB/mo
0.14 THB/hr
Additional Global IP(Ipv4) blocks are available in quantities of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16.
Load Balancer
400 THB/mo
0.56 THB/hr
It performs regular health check on multiple VPS server and balances traffic among your servers. You can choose either Round-Robin or Least Connection for load balancer algorithms.
Save Image
600 THB/mo
0.83 THB/hr
You can take a complete snapshot of the VPS server whenever you want to. The data capacity for the snapshots can be added in quantities of 500GB with no limitation. 50GB is free for each region.
Auto-Backup 50GB
50 THB/mo
0.07 THB/hr
We automatically back up all your VPS data every week. It holds up to three weeks.
Auto-Backup 250GB
100 THB/mo
0.14 THB/hr
Auto-Backup 500GB
200 THB/mo
0.28 THB/hr
Data Transfer
1.5 THB/mo
1.5 THB/mo
If you exceed the limit of the standard plan, we will charge per 1 GB.

Application Server

Mail Server
125 THB/mo
0.17 THB/hr
Ready-to-use mail service is available. All you have to do is signup. The server is shared with the other user and offer 10GB data storage for each user. You can acquire the list of inbox emails easily by using API.You can add more space when you need it, in quantities of 5GB with no limitation.
DB Server
100 THB/mo
0.14 THB/hr
Ready-to-use RDB mail service is available. You can make a content table immediately without any setup. We adopt MariaDB as management system. It can be connected with your VPS server using local network. You can add more space when you need it, in quantities of 5GB with no limitation. You can add more space when you need it, in quantities of 5GB with no limitation.


Various types of record (NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV) are available. You can apply your custom domain name for free with no limit.
100 THB/mo
0.14 THB/hr
From multiple A records set in DNS, IP address located near the request will respond.