Introducing Cloud Enterprise, a cloud service expertly designed for businesses with sophisticated IT system requirements. This solution goes beyond the typical standards in cloud services, providing exceptional control, customization, and flexibility. Cloud Enterprise offers unparalleled control over IT resources. It allows users to flexibly design block storage disks according to their needs and create unlimited private networks, thereby enabling detailed virtual network designs. One of the standout features is the ability to link virtual machines on the cloud with physical hardware like firewall devices, NAS storage systems, and enterprise-class database servers. This compatibility allows for a hybrid cloud structure that caters to complex IT needs.

In a unique offering, our "Dedicated Host Server" option empowers users to purchase an entire virtualized physical server with specific vCPU and RAM specifications. This feature allows users to have exclusive ownership of the IT resources on the cloud server at a cost-effective rate.

We hold ourselves to the highest security standards, as evidenced by our compliance with ISO/IEC 27001, a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. We also offer a unique post-pay billing policy and cater exclusively to corporate users, demonstrating our commitment to providing an advanced, secure, and reliable service.

Experience the power, control, and versatility of Cloud Enterprise. Elevate your IT system management and exceed expectations with cloud server that redefines excellence.

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