High Performance Cloud

For enterprise

Cloud Managed Service

Manage Cloud Service for you

IT Solution / Consult

IT Service for enterprise

  • Cloud for enterprise, reliable with ISO 27001

Cloud Infarstructure

High Performance Cloud Service for business and enterprise

  • Manage Cloud Server and Network by yourself
  • Received ISO 27001 standard
  • Hourly pricing
  • Flexible structure

**For enterprise that have IT staff or who want to manage the server by themeselves

Start 600 THB/Month

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Cloud + Setup Package

Cloud Setup service for ready to use

  • We design and setup
  • Support & Monitor 24/7
  • Hourly pricing
  • Flexible structure

**For enterprise that need us to help you manage and set up the server

Start 5,500 THB/Month

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Managed Services

Internet Infrasturcture for enterprise

  • We design and planning
  • Internet Infrastructure management
  • There are experts in Thailand and abroad

**For enterprise that need an expert team to manage IT Infarstructure.

Solution & Consult

Consulting services and finding solutions for enterprise by experts

The GMO internet group has over 111 affiliates around the world and has expertise in Internet infrastructure, financial, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Software development, IoT, Machine learning, etc., together with consulting and applying Success Cast for your business

**Consult and implement ICT programs according to your needs

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