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Z.comCloud, the perfect solution for individuals and small to medium business(SMB) owners who want to enjoy affordable, high-quality virtual machines (VM) packages. Our cloud service is designed to be user-friendly, even for non-IT skilled users, and can be used for various purposes such as self-driven IT projects, websites, gaming, FX trading, remote Windows desktop, and many more.

Our Cloud VPS is easy to operate through the VM templates provided via our control panel. Users can manage all their IT resources, including VMs, storage volumes, domain, SSL, and more, from one portal. You can choose from a variety of VM templates that are pre-installed with operating systems and applications to suit your needs. We offer more than 13 OS templates such as Microsoft Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu and many more, which can be deployed with just one click during the VM creation process.

We also provide VM templates pre-installed with a wide range of applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Nagios, and many more. These applications are ideal for website content management, communication, web development stacks, PaaS platforms, GUI server management, monitoring systems, and other purposes.

For gaming enthusiasts, we offer VM templates for popular games such as Minecraft, AssettoCorsa, Volheim, CSGO, Terraria, and Factorio, enabling customers to own their own game servers.

All our templates are designed to meet the needs of users looking for One-Click-Deploy servers that save time and effort. With our affordable pricing, high-quality service, and user-friendly approach, we aim to provide the best cloud service experience for all our customers.

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"More worthwhile if use the long term, Don't worry for topup to system."

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1 OS:

2 Additional Disk:

3 Auto Backup:

4 Contact Term:

  • C1 Plan

    • CPU 1 Core

    • RAM 1GB

    • Storage 20GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    400 THB/Month

    (Total 400 THB)

  • C2 Plan

    • CPU 2 Core

    • RAM 2GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    600 THB/Month

    (Total 600 THB)

  • C3 Plan

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 4GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    1,200 THB/Month

    (Total 1200 THB)

  • C4 Plan

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    2,000 THB/Month

    (Total 2000 THB)

  • C5 Plan

    • CPU 8 Core

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    2,400 THB/Month

    (Total 2400 THB)

  • C6 Plan

    • CPU 8 Core

    • RAM 16GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    4,000 THB/Month

    (Total 4000 THB)

  • C7 Plan

    • CPU 12 Core

    • RAM 32GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    8,000 THB/Month

    (Total 8000 THB)

  • C8 Plan

    • CPU 24 Core

    • RAM 64GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    16,000 THB/Month

    (Total 16000 THB)

*C1 Plan: This plan of VPS doesn’t support Windows OS, Auto-Backup and can’t be upgraded to other plans with higher specs.

*Additional Disk: This is the additional disk space to be added on to the VM as a different disk storage besides the default disk included in each plan.

*Auto-Backup: Auto-Backup Feature supports VM copied once a week in a random timing for 3 generations.

*Contract Term:
1) Pay-per-use: The system will charge users for each plan with hourly rate until the chargeable usage fee reaches the monthly rate. Users need to have top-up credit to use this contract term.
2) Long Term: Users need to pay the full amount of usage fee for the committed contract period before start using. The longer contract term provides higher discount rate.

*Data Transfer: There’s no limitation on the data transfer but if our system detected abnormal high rate bandwidth from VM that affects other service users, our system will reduce your internet connection speed automatically.

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Use cases of VPS of Z.comCloud

These are the few major use case on how our customers mostly use the Cloud VPS on Z.comCloud service. Cloud service offers a wide range of possibilities beyond traditional server applications. With our Cloud VPS service, customers can explore various convenient use cases. Whether you need to host your own cloud-based applications, set up a development environment, create a personal file server, or run a private VPN, the possibilities are endless. Our user-friendly control panel allows for easy deployment and management, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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