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Elevate your gaming with our Cloud VPS Game Server!

Game server service which is specifically designed for gamers, supporting both solo and group multiplayer play. Enhances the gaming world, making it more fun and instantly accessible with these popular games!

Palworld is a game that can be played both solo and with friends (Multiplayer). Players must survive in a vast open-world fantasy realm filled with various adorable monsters known as "Pals". Initially, players must gather resources to craft items such as weapons, armor, other equipment, and homes. They also have the task of capturing Pals to assist in combat or work alongside them to conquer the missions provided by the game. If you don't yet have Palworld, you can purchase it online through STEAM before joining our server.

  • Support multiplayer up to 32 players (From 4).

  • Offers diverse gameplay options, including fighting, farming, etc.

  • Features easy to set up, available for immediate use.

  • Customization and control of the server as desired.

  • Save electricity costs compared to a home PC server.

Price of

For Palworld, you need to use Plan C3 or higher. Special discount available only from 1st-30st June.

Choose Package
Pricing of

1 OS:

2 Additional Disk:

3 Auto Backup:

4 Contact Term:

  • C1 Plan

    • CPU 1 Core

    • RAM 1GB

    • Storage 20GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    400 THB/Month

    (Total 400 THB)

  • C2 Plan

    • CPU 2 Core

    • RAM 2GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    600 THB/Month

    (Total 600 THB)

  • C3 Plan
    (4 Players for Palworld)

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 4GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    0 THB/Month

    (Total THB)

  • C4 Plan
    (8 Players for Palworld)

    • CPU 4 Core

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    0 THB/Month

    (Total THB)

  • C5 Plan
    (16 Players for Palworld)

    • CPU 8 Core

    • RAM 8GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    0 THB/Month

    (Total THB)

  • C6 Plan
    (32 Players for Palworld)

    • CPU 8 Core

    • RAM 16GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    0 THB/Month

    (Total THB)

  • C7 Plan

    • CPU 12 Core

    • RAM 32GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    8,000 THB/Month

    (Total 8000 THB)

  • C8 Plan

    • CPU 24 Core

    • RAM 64GB

    • Storage 50GB

    • Global IP 1 IP

    16,000 THB/Month

    (Total 16000 THB)

*C1 Plan: This plan of VPS doesn’t support Windows OS, Auto-Backup and can’t be upgraded to other plans with higher specs.

*Additional Disk: This is the additional disk space to be added on to the VM as a different disk storage besides the default disk included in each plan.

*Auto-Backup: Auto-Backup Feature supports VM copied once a week in a random timing for 3 generations.

*Contract Term:
1) Pay-per-use: The system will charge users for each plan with hourly rate until the chargeable usage fee reaches the monthly rate. Users need to have top-up credit to use this contract term.
2) Long Term: Users need to pay the full amount of usage fee for the committed contract period before start using. The longer contract term provides higher discount rate.

*Data Transfer: There’s no limitation on the data transfer but if our system detected abnormal high rate bandwidth from VM that affects other service users, our system will reduce your internet connection speed automatically.

Game server in

Building a robust and reliable game server is crucial for delivering an immersive gaming experience to players worldwide. With Cloud service, you have the perfect solution to create a high-performance game server that can handle intense multiplayer battles and ensure smooth gameplay.

By leveraging Cloud's powerful infrastructure and scalable resources, you can easily set up and manage your game server environment. With flexible configurations and customizable options, you have the freedom to optimize your server to meet the unique requirements of your game hosting. Cloud's advanced networking capabilities ensure low latency and high-speed connectivity, reducing lag and providing a seamless gaming experience for players. With Cloud's reliable infrastructure, you can eliminate downtime and ensure uninterrupted gameplay. Automatic backups and data redundancy safeguards your game data, protecting it from any unexpected disruptions.

Take your game to the next level with Cloud's cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support. Build a game server that can handle the demands of your player community and create an immersive gaming environment that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

Other popular games available on

Running a game server for Minecraft allows gamers to create their own virtual worlds and invite friends to join. It offers the freedom to build and explore in a multiplayer environment, fostering collaboration and creativity. Players can customize game settings, install mods, and create unique gameplay experiences. Hosting a Minecraft server provides stability and control over the gaming environment, allowing for a more personalized and immersive gameplay experience.

Benefits Minecraft

Setting up a game server for Assetto Corsa allows gamers to race against friends or join online racing communities. It provides a platform for organized competitions, time trials, and multiplayer races. Running a server ensures a stable and low-latency connection, minimizing lags and creating a more realistic racing experience. Players can also customize game settings, select different tracks and cars, and compete against others in thrilling multiplayer races.

Benefits Assetto Corsa

Hosting a game server for Valheim enables players to embark on epic Viking adventures with friends. It offers a cooperative multiplayer experience in a procedurally generated world. By running a server, gamers can explore and conquer challenging environments, build settlements, and engage in exciting boss battles together. Hosting a Valheim server ensures a dedicated space for cooperative gameplay and allows players to customize server settings for a unique and shared gaming experience.

Benefits Valheim

Setting up a game hosting for Terraria enables players to collaborate and explore together in a sandbox adventure. It allows for cooperative gameplay, building intricate structures, defeating bosses, and discovering hidden treasures. By running a server, gamers can invite friends or join existing communities, creating a shared world where they can work together, trade items, and engage in exciting adventures. Hosting a Terraria server ensures a dedicated multiplayer experience and expands the possibilities for cooperative gameplay.

Benefits Terraria

Hosting a game server for Factorio allows gamers to collaborate in an industrial automation adventure. It offers a multiplayer experience where players work together to build and optimize complex factories. By running a server, gamers can join forces to mine resources, automate production, and defend against hostile creatures. Hosting a Factorio server facilitates teamwork, strategic planning, and efficient production processes, creating a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience.

Benefits Factorio

'7 Days to Die' plunges players into a harsh post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. Survivors scavenge, craft, and fortify shelters to withstand the relentless onslaught of the undead. With the threat escalating daily and weekly Blood Moon attacks bringing intense hordes, every decision is critical in this gritty fight for survival.

Benefits 7 Days to Die

  • Experience intense survival in a post-apocalyptic setting.

  • Exercise creativity with base building and fortification.

  • Enjoys crafting skills for weapons and gear.

  • Test your skills against relentless zombie hordes.

  • Engage in dynamic multiplayer adventures with friends.

ARK : Survival Evolved

'ARK: Survival Evolved' throws players into a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs and danger. Stranded on a mysterious island, players must hunt, gather resources, craft tools, and build shelters to survive. With towering dinosaurs roaming the landscape and other players posing threats, every moment is a struggle for survival and dominance in this epic open-world adventure.

Benefits ARK

  • Experience thrilling dinosaur taming and survival.

  • Create elaborate bases and conquer the wilderness.

  • Engage in crafting, combat, and exploration.

  • Enjoy multiplayer excitement with friends.

  • Stay alert with frequent updates and fresh content.

'Rust' drops players into a harsh open-world environment where survival is the only goal. Stripped of all possessions, players must scavenge, build, and defend themselves against the elements and other players. With a mix of crafting, exploration, and intense player-versus-player encounters, 'Rust' offers a challenging and immersive experience where every decision matters in the fight for survival.

Benefits Rust

  • Experience dynamic player interactions.

  • Embrace challenging survival dangerous scenarios.

  • Unleash creativity with base construction.

  • Engage in adrenaline-fueled PvP skirmishes.

  • Explore a diverse and ever-changing world.

  • Stay entertained with frequent content updates.