Server Price Estimator

Easily estimate the price of your server configuration. Adjust the specifications to see the estimated cost. Remember, this is just an estimate. For an official quotation, please contact our sales team!

No. VM Spec. OS Global IP 1st Disk 2st Disk Unit Unit Price Total
+ Add another server configuration
Final Total 0THB

How to use this estimator:

  • 1) Choose the VM Specification from the dropdown list.
  • 2) Select the desired OS.
  • 3) Check the 'Global IP' box if you require a global IP.
  • 4) Pick your 1st and 2nd Disk options.
  • 5) The Unit Price, Unit, and Total will be auto-calculated based on your selections.
  • 6) Need more servers? Click the "+" button to add additional server configurations.

* This tool provides a basic estimate of the server costs. Final pricing may vary based on promotions, package deals, or other factors. For a detailed and official quote, always contact our sales team directly.

* For other items that are not shown in this estimator such as Dedicated Host Server, NFS Volumes, Loadbalancer, Auto-backup setup etc, please contact us for the price estimation.