Virtual Firewall

Introducing Virutal Firewall Appliance on

In the complex landscape of digital transformation, security remains paramount.

Recognizing this, Cloud Enterprise has fortified its service offerings with a versatile virtual firewall appliance. For businesses seeking a comprehensive and flexible solution, we often advocate for pfSense – a trusted name in the realm of network security.

Beyond its robust firewall capabilities, pfSense shines as an internal load-balancer, facilitating seamless site-to-site VPN connections. Additionally, with its compatibility with OpenVPN clients, remote VPN access becomes a breeze.

Dive into a secure, reliable, and multi-dimensional virtual environment with Cloud Enterprise, where advanced functionality meets uncompromised security.

Making Networking Simple
with pfSense on

Harness the power and simplicity of pfSense as the virtual firewall appliance on Cloud Enterprise. Tailored for both tech experts and those new to the field, it's the perfect tool to optimize and secure your network.

How to get pfsense running on Cloud Enterprise makes integrating pfSense into your operations a breeze. With their expertise and your vision, you can fortify your network infrastructure, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient operations.

Case Study:

Revolutionizing Back Office Systems with pfSense on

In an era dominated by cloud computing, forward-thinking businesses are capitalizing on powerful solutions that merge flexibility with security. One such case involves a company leveraging Cloud Enterprise, integrated with the robust virtual firewall appliance, pfSense.

The Challenge:

Company XYZ, having a footprint in multiple locations, grappled with the inefficiencies of an outdated on-premises system. They aspired for a back office infrastructure that would not only support day-to-day functions such as file sharing and accounting but also seamlessly integrate their remote office's WiFi management.

The Solution:

Turning to Cloud Enterprise, the first step was integrating the pfSense virtual firewall. It offered a secure foundation upon which the rest of the infrastructure could be built. With the firewall in place:

  • An AD server was estalished, centralizing user credentials and policies, ensuring that only authorized personnel could access sensitive company data.
  • File servers were set up, offering employees the ability to share, modify, and backup essential documents efficiently.
  • An accounting server was launched, streamlining financial processes and ensuring real-time updates without any downtime.
  • Recognizing the importance of connectivity, especially for their remote locations, a server dedicated to WiFi controller was integrated. This ensured consistent, secure, and efficient WiFi management across all offices.

The Outcome:

With the revamped infrastructure, Company XYZ now enjoys a seamless, secure, and scalable back office system. Tasks that were once tedious are now streamlined. Remote offices no longer feel 'remote', thanks to the unified WiFi system.

And above all, the integration of pfSense ensures that their entire setup remains secure, no matter where business takes them.