On-demand Loadbalancer

Introducing the Load Balancer Feature on

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring that web applications and websites perform optimally under varied loads is paramount. With Z.com Cloud Enterprise, we're proud to offer our customers a feature that promises high availability and reliability: The Load Balancer. Z.com Cloud Enterprise's Load Balancer is not just a feature; it's a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier, resilient, and adaptive cloud solutions. Activate it today and ensure your online platforms are always at their peak performance!

Experience seamless load balancing on Z.com Cloud Enterprise without any additional usage fees. We prioritize your web system's efficiency and offer the load balancing feature entirely free of charge. You only pay a minimal cost of 200THB for each global IP you choose to use as your VIP for managing incoming traffic. Enjoy uncompromised performance at an unbeatable price today!

Highlights of the loadbalancer feature

Case Study:

Building a Large & Complicated Web System with Load Balancer

ABC Corp., an e-commerce giant, was on a quest to upscale their web platform. With an expanding customer base and a catalog running into millions of products, their existing infrastructure was straining under the weight of high traffic, especially during sale seasons.

Name: ABC Corp.

Industry: E-commerce

Challenge: Accommodate growing online traffic and ensure uninterrupted service for a massive online retail platform.

ABC Corp., faced several issues:

Traffic Spikes: Due to promotions or sales events, they experienced unexpected surges in traffic.

Consistency: Ensuring every user had a smooth and consistent shopping experience was becoming a challenge.

Downtime: The legacy infrastructure had vulnerabilities, leading to sporadic downtimes affecting sales.

Z.com Cloud Enterprise Solution

Recognizing these challenges, ABC Corp. turned to Z.com Cloud Enterprise. The primary feature that catered to their needs was the Load Balancer:

Ease of Activation: Through the control panel, the Load Balancer was swiftly set up, without any prolonged configuration processes.

Traffic Distribution: Using the Load Balancer's Round Robin and Least Connection modes, traffic was smartly distributed among servers. This ensured that during peak traffic, the system did not buckle.

Custom Protocols: ABC Corp. utilized both TCP and UDP protocols for different components of their platform, optimizing the user experience.

Health Checks & Stickiness: Regular server health checks prevented any potential downtimes, and the stickiness feature ensured returning users found their carts intact, improving user experience.

The Outcome

Post integration of Z.com Cloud Enterprise's Load Balancer, ABC Corp. witnessed:

Increased Uptime: The platform now boasts a 99.99% uptime, even during peak traffic.

Enhanced User Experience: Page load times decreased, and users experienced smoother navigation and transaction processes.

Revenue Growth: With improved platform stability, TechSolutions saw a significant surge in completed transactions, leading to higher revenue.


Z.com Cloud Enterprise's Load Balancer transformed ABC Corp. online platform into a robust, scalable, and efficient system. It stands as a testament to the capabilities and adaptability of Z.com's cloud solutions in catering to complex and demanding web infrastructures.