NFS Storage Service

Introducing NFS Storage Service Cloud Enterprise introduces its NFS storage service, a distinct offering from traditional block storage services. Instead of behaving like a local disk, NFS acts as a remote disk, making it unsuitable for running applications. However, its real advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness. With smart pricing models, businesses can access vast disk capacities tailored mainly for data storage. This approach ensures users get the best value, especially when the primary need is expansive storage rather than application hosting. Choose's NFS storage when sheer volume and cost efficiency are paramount.

Highlights of NFS storage service

NFS vs. Block Storage on
Which is Right for You?

In the vast landscape of data storage, understanding your options is pivotal. Cloud Enterprise provides two premier storage solutions: NFS and Block Storage, both cater to different needs. Choosing between NFS and Block Storage depends on your specific business requirements. If your focus is on large-scale file storage with cost-effective measures, NFS is the way to go. On the other hand, if your priority is high-speed data access for applications, Block Storage stands out. With Cloud Enterprise, you’re empowered with choices, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your storage demands.


NFS Storage

Block Storage


Acts as a remote disk for file sharing across a network

Functions like a local hard drive, suitable for rapid I/O operations


Efficient for file sharing, not optimized for direct application running

High-speed data access, ideal for application requiring quick data retrieval


Known for its affordability with smart pricing

Modular pricing based on block requirements


Can be mounted on multiple VMs for shared access

Direct and isolated access to blocks for intricate operations


Integrates with both Windows Server and Linux-based OS

Ideal for applications requiring direct block-level storage access

Primary Usage

Large-scale, cost-effective file storage and sharing

High-speed applications and databases

Pricing of NFS storage service


Without Backup

With Redundant Data Backup

NFS storage 1TB

2,100.00 THB

3,500.00 THB

NFS storage 2TB

3,500.00 THB

6,300.00 THB

NFS storage 3TB

4,900.00 THB

9,100.00 THB

NFS storage 4TB

6,300.00 THB

11,900.00 THB

NFS storage 5TB

7,700.00 THB

14,700.00 THB

NFS storage 6TB

9,100.00 THB

17,500.00 THB

NFS storage 7TB

10,500.00 THB

20,300.00 THB

NFS storage 8TB

11,900.00 THB

23,100.00 THB

NFS storage 9TB

13,300.00 THB

25,900.00 THB

NFS storage 10TB

14,700.00 THB

28,700.00 THB

Remark: The price is for the monthly fee only.

Case Study:

Utilizing NFS Storage for High-Capacity File Server Solutions

In the world of cloud computing, Cloud Enterprise stands out for its robust storage solutions, especially its NFS Storage service. But what happens when a business with a high demand for data capacity turns to this service? Let's delve into a real-world case study.

Customer Profile:

Industry: Graphic Design and Multimedia Production
Company Size: 200 employees
Business Challenge: Need for a centralized file server solution capable of handling vast amounts of design and multimedia files.

The Problem:

With a growing portfolio of client projects, the graphic design firm found their local storage systems inefficient. Frequent data transfers between departments led to delays, while backing up extensive multimedia files was becoming increasingly challenging.

The Solution:

Upon consultation, Cloud Enterprise recommended its NFS storage solution. Key reasons for this recommendation included:

  • High Data Capacity:

    The NFS storage could easily accommodate the terabytes of multimedia content the firm produced monthly.

  • Centralized Access:

    As a remote disk, NFS allowed different departments to access the same files seamlessly, streamlining their workflow.

  • Scalability:

    As the firm grew and data demands increased, they could easily scale their storage without significant downtimes or migrations.


Transitioning to's NFS storage was smooth. The graphic design firm set up a centralized file server using the NFS storage. Employees could now pull or push data to this server, ensuring everyone had access to the latest file versions. Additionally, optional redundant backups ensured that their vast amounts of data were safeguarded against potential losses.


The results were instantaneous and transformative:

Project delivery times reduced due to streamlined data access.

The firm saved substantially on IT infrastructure costs, with the affordable pricing model of's NFS storage.

Peace of mind was achieved, knowing that their expansive data was secure and backed up.


This case study underscores the versatility and efficiency of NFS storage solution. For businesses requiring a high-capacity, centralized file server solution, it proves to be an invaluable asset, offering both performance and affordability.